Cultivating Premium Seed Genetics

Sunshine Hemp has sourced the best premium Hemp Seeds from the most reputable and experienced hemp seed breeder companies in the Country for cultivation and testing at our research sites. Our research process will ensure the highest probability of compliance with all state and USDA testing and germination guidelines. Specific seed genetics available for Florida hemp growers are listed on the Seed Genetics tab.

Seed Selection Criteria – Sunshine Hemp has selected only the best seeds for Florida Farmers.

  • Breeders providing seeds to our research program must have a seed breeder license in their home state and had an ongoing breeding program for more than three years.
  • Strains in research must be established, stable strains that have been successfully grown in hot and humid environments.
  • Strains must be F5 or older generation with documentable 3rd party certificates of authenticity (COA) showing the breeding and testing timeline.
  • Strains have current COA’s of the mother plants where the batch of seeds within our 12-week research program came from showing mother plants are compliant with USDA rules and Florida testing tolerances.
  • Strains have current 3rd party testing of germination and feminization, documenting that seeds being submitted are compliant under the Florida rules on germination and that the seeds are feminized.

Seed Approval Criteria – The following Research process is required to become FAMU approved and then available for sale in Florida:

  • Perform a 12-week seed research protocol for cultivation and testing of hemp strain genetics and performance.
  • Follow all AOSA standards for seed selection, sampling, and purity and germination testing.
  • Thoroughly document all research records, pest and pathogen activity, Certificates of Authenticity, (COA’s), total THC concentration levels, compliance with and genetic DNA results
  • The seed germination rate must be 80% or higher.
  • The seeds must be feminized.
  • The 3rd party testing COA’s of plants grown and flowered from breeder seeds at our instate facilities must reasonably match up with mother plant COA’s and be compliant under USDA and Florida laws.
  • The plants must be healthy and stable throughout all cycles of the growth cycle.
  • Plants must be resistant to pest pressure and/or respond well to pest treatment applications.
  • Plants must stay healthy and have no signs of disease or other issues through all growth cycles.