Our mission is to make available the highest quality, safest and most productive hemp seeds and cultivars suitable for Florida’ soils and climate, while minimizing the risk to Florida’s other crops. Our experienced SH/FAMU research team has sourced, cultivated and tested the most stable and compliant feminized seed genetic strains from around the country to create the best hemp genetics for Florida and give hemp growers the  confidence that they need to be successful in this new hemp industry. By following the required 12-week seed research protocol for cultivation and testing of hemp strain genetics and performance, thorough documentation of all research records, pest and pathogen activity, Certificates of Authenticity, (COA’s), total THC levels, and genetic DNA results, and upon approval by Florida A & M of seeds that meet these rigorous  testing standards, we will be able to provide growers  “Pilot Project Hemp Seeds & Cultivars” that will perform exceptionally in Florida.

Sunshine Hemp  and FAMU will be in compliance with state law on legal Hemp Seeds https://www.fdacs.gov/content/download/91553/file/notice-to-growers-regarding-hemp-seed-04142020.pdf