Premium Hemp Seed Genetics for Florida

Research partners with Florida A&M in the Florida Industrial Hemp Research program.

Sunshine Hemp, Inc. is a Florida-based hemp genetics research company with years of experience in all aspects of Hemp genetics, production, product development, research and commercialization. Sunshine Hemp has partnered with Florida A & M University in an Industrial Hemp Pilot Research project, authorized under s. 1004.4473 F. S.

Hemp Research Focus – The  Hemp research project goal is to identify, cultivate, test and quantify hemp genetics and growing methods suitable for Florida and to ensure that plants grown do not present a risk to Florida’s other agricultural crops. Sunshine Hemp and FAMU were approved for first public-private Hemp Planting Permits by the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Providing Certified Hemp Seeds – Sunshine Hemp will be cultivating and providing “Certified hemp seeds” for Florida Hemp Farmers. Florida law, s. 581.217 F.S., requires the use of “certified hemp seeds” for all hemp products cultivated, processed and sold in Florida. A certified hemp seed means a class of hemp seed which is the progeny of breeder, foundation, or registered hemp seed.

The Best Genetics – Sunshine Hemp has an exclusive seed source partnership with a number of the best premium Hemp Seed companies in to provide seed genetics that will be tested in Florida to ensure the highest quality cannabanoid profiles, the viability in Florida soils and climate,  and the highest probability of compliance with all of FDACS and USDA testing and germination guidelines. Specific seed genetics available for Florida hemp growers will be listed on the Seed Genetics tab.

Seed Selection Criteria – Sunshine Hemp selecting only the best seeds for Florida Farmers

  • Cannabinoid production – selecting for high CBDA / low THC synthase,
  • Targeting 30/1 ratios or better;
  • Terpene production – long term stabilization of desired terpene
  • Photoperiod – onset of flowering as early as 15 light hours, with 52-60 day maturation for early harvesting.,
  • Vigor and resilience – selecting for pathogen and predator resistance, as our cultivation SOPs rely on organic IPM methods,
  • Biomass yield – selecting flower structure and plant morphology combinations, fundamental to maximizing yield per square foot,
  • Regional specificity – identifying variants better suited to regional ranges of photoperiod, temperature, rainfall, and humidity.

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